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Welcome and bienvenue to Dr. Girard's web page!
I am currently an Associate Professor and Department Head at McNeese State University. My research interest is the history of Haiti, particularly the end of the Haitian Revolution.

What's New?

My publications include two books on the history of Haiti: Paradise Lost: Haiti's Tumultuous Journey from pearl of the Caribbean to Third World Hot Spot (Palgrave 2005) and Clinton in Haiti: The 1994 U.S. Invasion of Haiti (Palgrave 2004). I am currently working on an ambitious monograph on the Leclerc expedition, tentatively entitled The Slaves Who Defeated Napoleon: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian War of Independence, 1801-1804.
I also have a recent article on Toussaint Louverture's Diplomacy in the William and Mary Quarterly (Jan. 2009), one on Napoleon Bonaparte's 1802 restoration of slavery in French Historical Studies (forthcoming 2009), and one on women in the Haitian Revolution in Gender and History (April 2009).
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Dr. Philippe R. Girard's web page